Chat with the world

Reach out to people near you — no contact info needed — or check what’s happening around any place in the world.

Pebble messages screen


Pebbles are the messages you send. They are received by anyone with a ripple within or intersecting yours.

My ripple shown on map

My ripple

"My ripple" is centered around your location at all times. It moves as you move, catching any pebble message thrown from intersecting ripples.

Remote ripples on the map

Remote ripple

Remote ripples aren’t linked to your physical location and can be created anywhere on Earth.

Share your local findings with anyone in your ripple
On the road, throw pebble messages to any other car around you
Create remote ripples around your favorite places
Connect with distant friends & family

Make the most of our geolocation features

"My ripple" follows your physical location, wherever you are. Enabling your browser’s geolocation or your mobile’s location services automatically centers "My ripple" ripple around you.

Gear icon

Enable geolocation

Enjoy Pebblee’s full potential by enabling your browser’s geolocation or your mobile’s location services. Stay in tune with the world around you as your main ripple follows your location. Enable/disable geolocation at any time: on the app by accessing the general settings, on the web by selecting your main ripple and clicking on the gear icon.

Ripple radius

Set the radius of your ripples

Ripples have a default radius of 100 meters (328 feet). You can expand your radius up to 10 km (6.2 miles), to cover the entire city you’re in for instance. On the app, edit ripples by sliding their name in the menu list. On the web, click on the gear icon after having selected a ripple in the left column.

Shared location marker

Share your location

You can share your exact location while throwing a pebble message. Other users will see your position on the map when tapping the red marker above your message. Change this setting on the app by tapping the gear icon at the bottom. On the web, just click the “Share my location” checkbox to switch behaviors.

View all ripples icon

View all your ripples on one map

Take a quick glance at all your ripples on one map! On the app, on the main menu screen, tap the bottom marker icon. On the web, click on the blue number of ripples in the left column.

Search icon

Search by address or by dragging the marker

To set the location of a remote ripple, simply type the address in the corresponding field (you can select a result from the autocomplete suggestions) and click or tap the search icon. You can then fine tune the location by dragging the blinking marker.

Endless possibilities

pebblee opens up a new world with endless communication possibilities. Check what’s going on around your home while you’re at work, tell the car that just passed you its lights are on, get offers from businesses around you, or simply hail a cab. And that’s only the beginning.

Locate your car

Create a remote ripple at the location of your parked car and follow anything happening nearby. Forgot where your car is? Just check the position of the ripple!

Check your house

Want to keep an eye on your house while you’re away? Create a remote ripple around your home. Whenever a Pebblee user around notices anything unusual and talks about it, you’ll be informed.

Chat with classmates

No need for mailing lists anymore! Throw a pebble message in the middle of your classroom and any fellow classmate connected will be able to read it and reply.

Promote your business

Throw pebbles from your business location to inform Pebblee users about new products, promotions, etc. (Coming soon: Pebblee Beacon throws pebbles automatically)

Talk to other cars

Ever wanted to tell another driver he forgot to turn off his indicators? Now you can! Please don’t use your phone while driving and let the passengers do the chatting.


Our first apps for iPhone and Android are here! Download and start throwing pebble messages today. Our community is still growing but you can help us get more coverage by creating local discussions with a group of your friends, classmates, neighbors or coworkers. And then, let our worlds meet!